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Česta pitanja o HD-u

A.3 Priznanja

The author of this FAQ wishes to acknowledge the following websites for providing information that contributed to this FAQ, listed in alphabetical order:


A.4 Promjene

Version 0.8.1 (20 February, 2008):

  • Numerous updates in response to Warner’s decision to drop HD DVD support, and the eventual ending of the format war with Toshiba’s withdraw

Version 0.8.0 (8 November, 2007):

  • Added section on Blu-ray Hardware Profiles (3.10.1)
  • Added section on HD DVD performance levels (4.10.1)
  • Added section on CH DVD (4.10.2)
  • Updated list of mirrors
  • Update information on PC Blu-ray/HD DVD playback (2.4, 2.4.1)
  • Updated studio support information (3.3, 4.3, 7.2)
  • Updated disc capacities information (3.5, 4.5)
  • Update video codec usage information (3.7, 4.7)
  • Update list of supported audio codecs (3.8, 4.8)
  • Updated PS3 Blu-ray playback information (3.16.1, 3.16.2, 3.16.3, 3.16.5)
  • Updated format comparison and personal opinion (7.2, 7.2.1)
  • Other minor updates

Version 0.7.9 (13 January, 2007):

  • Added section regarding PowerDVD Ultra (2.4.1)
  • Added section detailing Blu-ray playback on PS3 (3.16.5)
  • Added section detailing HD DVD playback on Xbox 360 (4.16.2)
  • Added section regarding the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on drive’s PC compatibility (4.16.3)
  • Corrected information regarding 1080i/1080p storage (7.2)

Version 0.7.8 (2 September, 2006):

  • Added information regarding the Cyberlink BD/HD Advisor tool (2.4)
  • Added information regarding HDCP requirements for PCs (2.4)

Version 0.7.7 (25 August, 2006):

  • Added information about ICT (3.10)
  • Added information regarding 1080i versus 1080p (3.6, 4.6, 4.10, A.2)
  • Updated information regarding Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on drive (4.16)

Version 0.7.6 (20 August, 2006):

  • Updated list of mirrors
  • Correction and clarification regarding bitrates (3.9, 4.9)
  • Added more information regarding 1080p on HD DVD (4.6)
  • Added link to dvdloc8’s Blu-ray/HD DVD movie lists (3.19, 4.19)

Version 0.7.5 (2 June, 2006):

  • Updated list of mirrors
  • Minor grammar corrections
  • Added link to “Is your computer fast enough for high definition DVD playback?” guide (2.4)
  • Update Blu-ray/HD DVD launch dates (3.2, 4.2)
  • Updated information about HD DVD region coding (4.15)

Version 0.7.1 (5 February, 2006):

  • Updated list of mirrors
  • Clarified information regarding 1x transfer speed for Blu-ray drives (2x required for BD movies) (3.9, 3.17)
  • Updated information about HD DVD’s use of 1080p movies (4.6, 4.17)
  • Added information for NEC HR-1100A HD DVD reader drive (4.18)

Version 0.7 (8 January, 2006):

  • Corrected incorrect dates (3.2, 4.2)
  • Added more information about media availability (3.2, 4.2)
  • Added information about estimate retail pricing for BD-R/BD-RE media (3.4)
  • Added information about possible delay caused by AACS (3.13)
  • Added new section about region coding (3.15, 4.15)
  • Added new section on available hardware (3.18, 4.18)
  • Added new section on available software (movies) (3.19, 4.19)
  • Updated information due to Xbox 360 launch. Added information about Xbox 360 HD DVD drive add-on (4.16.1)

Version 0.6 (11 December, 2005):

  • Updated list of mirrors
  • Updated information about Blu-ray official launch date (3.2, 4.2)
  • Added information regarding HP’s request for Managed Copy and iHD (3.3, 3.13)
  • Added more information about managed copy (3.13)
  • Added more information about interactive contents differences between BD and HD DVD (7.2)
  • Updated information regarding Sony’s preference for MPEG-2 video compression (3.5, 3.7)
  • Updated information regarding availability of dual layered BDs (3.5)
  • Added information regarding Sony and NEC’s optical disc drive unit merger (4.3)
  • Added information regarding mass production of FVDs (6.2)

Version 0.5.1 (2 November, 2005):

  • Updated list of mirrors
  • Added basic information about AOD, thanks to DVDHelp.us (4.1.1)
  • Added opinion from DVDHelp.us (7.2.3)

Version 0.5 (25 October, 2005):

  • Updates due to Warner and Paramount’s decisions to support both formats.

Version 0.4 (4 October, 2005):

  • Mainly updates due to recent announcement of Microsoft and Intel’s support for HD DVD (3.5, 4.3, 4.16.1, 7.2)
  • Added further information about the (delayed) launch of HD DVD in the US (4.2)
  • Added information about Blu-ray playback on PowerDVD (2.4)
  • Added opinion about Blu-ray vs HD DVD by www.dvdrs.net

Version 0.3 (24 September, 2005):

  • Updated list of mirrors
  • Added information about HD DVD playback on PowerDVD (2.4)
  • Added information on China only HD DVD format (4.7)
  • Added information on dual layer HD DVD-R (4.9)
  • Added more information about the effects of the porn industry and cheap Asian players on the success/failure of BD/HD DVD (7.2.1)

Version 0.2 (18 September, 2005):

  • Minor spelling/grammatical changes
  • Additional links (most to A.2) and minor clarification of information
  • Added list of mirrors
  • Added 7.2.1 and moved “The Author’s Opinion” to this section
  • More detailed information and correction of information about my DVD collection in 7.2.1
  • Added explanation of Lossless/Lossy compression in A.2

Version 0.1 (14 September, 2005):

  • First public release of FAQ

5 komentara

  1. Napuhan je taj HD, kak i sve ostalo kod nas ce doci kad druge drzave vec to odbace… jadno ali istinito, pa kak cemo mi u europu, mi cemo je samo kocit nist drugo.

  2. HD neae biti lako odbačen jer jednostavno nema potrebe za ičim naprednijim od njega. fullHD reza zadovoljava i najzahtjevnije, a 7.1 kanalni bez gubitaka(!) zvuk svi prihvaaaju kao referencu, čak i audiofili.

  3. Bez večeg komentara. I ja mislim da po prilično zostajemo za drugima, kad drugi prevazi?u mi uvodimo.

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