AV pojačala (receiveri) JAMO

DMR 45

5 x 40W 5.1-Channel A/V Receiver With HDMI™ SwitchingWhile 5-channel surround-sound systems are very much en vogue, there are still many who want to stay with a stereo speaker arrangement, and there are many places where the addition of centre and surround-speakers will add too much clutter to the living room. In that case the Jamo DMR 45 is the answer: its sleek, elegant design packs just as many features as the DMR 70, but in a stereo-version equipped with Dolby Virtual Surround, designed to create a very involving surround effect from only 2 front speakers.

Amplifier Rated Output: 2x75W+200W SU

DMR 70
With its five channels of 65W, DMR 70 delivers an impressive total of 325W of power. Adding a Jamo SUB 200 to the system gives you 525W. That’s enough power to bring any film to life no matter how you see it – on a big screen, LCD flat-panel or normal tube TV.

Additionally, the DMR 70 has a HDMI all-digital interface; it features an advanced Dolby Digital Decoder and supports a wide range of standard formats, such as DivX, WMA, MP3 and JPEG.

Amplifier Rated Output Class D: 5 x 65W



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