Motion resolution


Measurement results obtained using Monoscope test on FPD Benchmark Blu-ray disc. The bigger the number, the more details are visible on the screen. These results are especially important since the advent of LED LCD TVs and new way manufacturers are panel refresh rate. This lead to much higher number of “hertz” that we see today in the specs, sometimes followed by mysterious three letter abbreviations, e.g. 1400 Picture Quality Index (PMI), 2400 Hz Perfect Motion Rate (PMR) or 2300 PMI (Picture Mastering Index). The issue is, behind those numbers often are only 60 Hz panels powered by different LED Backlight techniques (blinking, scanning, black frame insertion), that together can improve perception of higher motion resolution, but more often with introduced negative effects like doubling of objects, dimmer picture, flickering and so on.


BFI – Black Frame Insertion (technique of inserting black frames between original frames in order to achieve sharper moving image. Negative side is reduced luminance of the screen, doubling of objects and depending on the source type – flickering. This technique is used primarily on LED LCD and on few OLED TVs.
BLS – Backlight Scanning (strobing LED backlight that gives perception of sharper image than it would be possible only with 60 Hz panel. Used on LED LCD TVs.)

ManufacturerModelScreen sizeMax. motion resolution (max. 1080)Remark/s
Panasonic42GT50E42"10802500 Hz Focused Field Drive plasma TV
Panasonic42ST60E42"10802500 Hz Focused Field Drive plasma TV
Panasonic42UT50E42"10802000 Hz Focused Field Drive plasma TV
Philips46PFL9706H46"1080240 Hz panel
Samsung49KS900249"1080120 Hz panel, BFI
Samsung49KS750249"1080120 Hz panel, BFI
Samsung40KU607240"108060 Hz, BFI
Samsung50JU6872 50"1000BFI
Panasonic55CX750E55"900120 Hz panel
Philips46PFL9705H46"850240 Hz panel
Sharp46LE83046"800120 Hz panel
Philips42PFL7008S42"700120 Hz panel
LG42LF652V42"700120 Hz panel
Panasonic50DS630E50"600120 Hz panel
Philips40PFT6550 40"600120 Hz panel
Philips48PUS760048"600120 Hz panel
LG65EC970V65"600120 Hz panel
LG55EA980V55"600120 Hz panel
Panasonic50DS630E50"600120 Hz panel
Panasonic58DX700E58"45060 Hz panel, BFI
LG49UB850V49"30060 Hz panel
Samsung32J557232"30060 Hz panel
LG43UF778V43"30060 Hz panel
Panasonic40CS520E40"30060 Hz panel
Panasonic55CX680E55"30060 Hz panel
Panasonic42AS600E42"30060 Hz panel
Philips55PFS660955"30060 Hz panel
LG43LF540V43"30060 Hz panel
LG32LF580032"30060 Hz panel
LG49UF664V49"30060 Hz panel
Samsung40K550240"30060 Hz panel

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