Arctic Smart Charger 4800 – review


In this review, we take a look at Arctic’s Smart Charger 4800. It is a highly efficient charger for up to 4 USB devices at the same time, with a technology that intelligently delivers fastest possible charge speed by detecting a different type of devices.

It is a square-shaped product with an EU plug – having dimensions of 65 (H) x 53 (W) x 75 (L) mm. It is smaller than we expected. The top has a unique black color with grey details to give it additional design kick. There are 4 Orange Colored USB Ports on the bottom.  The device comes with a welcome guide and an advertising label.


Smart Charger 4800 is supporting up to DC 5 V, combined 4.800 mA of power output. However, each port is Smart/Auto-Sensing and will provide up to 2.9A per port (according to the specs). This basically means that no matter the device, whether it is a tablet, smartphone or an MP3 player, this charger will support it. Most chargers on the market only allow up to 2.4 A per port, but this one is more powerful and future-proof against changing device power requirements. The only thing you need to note is that you cannot exceed the total output of 8 A . So, if you are charging 3 iPad Airs at once (2.4A each x 3), you will be at 7.2 A output and will only have 0.8 A remaining. This isn’t that big of a drawback because users usually don’t charge that many power-hungry devices at the same time.


The light indication is quite useful. After you plug it the middle dot is shining orange. Each device you plug lights an additional LED on the lid. Light also indicates different charging speeds.

The charger worked flawlessly during our test and it is hardly ever hot to the touch, which has happened on other charging products we’ve used. It advertises 86% efficiency which doesn’t just save on your electric bill but it also keeps the adapter’s temperature low and makes it work longer.

I highly recommend this Arctic Smart Charger 4800 model which is a compact, easy to carry device that charges your devices quickly and efficiently.


  • Beautiful design
  • Light and small
  • Smart charging confirmed with both high and low power draw devices
  • Doesn’t get hot
  • Charging is fast


  • Makes noise during charging and a few minutes after you plug it out of the socket
  • Doesn’t come with USB cables

Price for this device is 17.99 € and can be bought on Arctic’s web page.

We would like to thank Arctic for supplying us with the sample.


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