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Here on HD Televizija we almost all the time test products which generate heat – TVs, media players, AV Receivers and so on. During Summer months, heat is something you want to get away from, especially if you are indoors, collecting overtime hours or simply can not stop playing your favorite game hour after hour. You need refreshment and Arctic has exactly what you need. Say hello to the cool and colorful Arctic Rasta Color USB desktop fan.

What is Rasta Breeze USB desktop fan?

Rasta Breeze is a USB-powered fan with 1.8 m long cable that brings refreshing breeze wherever you use it. It’s got robust steel base, flexible neck and knob for adjusting “level of refreshment” or, more technically, rotation speed of 92 mm silent fan on its top. Rasta Breeze is special edition of USB-powered fans from Actic, featuring colors from Jamaican flag and country’s famous musician, Bob Marley.

Should you prefer other colors, Arctic offers a wide variety of styles, including Breeze Country lineup with colors of Germany, French, Italy, Spain, USA and UK flags.

There is also a more advanced version with USB hub integrated in the base of the product, Arctic Breeze Pro. Mobile version without metal base is also available for lower price.


Testing, testing, cooling, cooling

We had an opportunity to test Rasta Breeze for a couple of warm summer weeks here in Croatia, carrying product from one desktop to another and even to our living room. Basically, wherever there is an USB-powered connector, there you can use Rasta Breeze. For cooling purposes, Rasta Breeze is just what a person siting in from of computer needs – silent and effective way of cooling you as much as you want. You can easily swing flexible neck in direction you want or take the entire product and bring it closer of farther from yourself. The fan rotates from 800 to 1800 RPM and you can adjust to any value in-between by rotating small know in the base of the product. The only thing you need to pay attention to is not to touch rotating blades while you do that since there is no protection by grill or similar solution.

How silent Rasta Breeze is?


Up to around half of its maximum speed, Rasta Breeze can not be heard, especially not in typical desktop environment where computer cases will probably generate more noise. When speed is increased above 50% a faint sound of air moving can be heard, but nothing that would distract you from your work. Although bas is made from metal, rubber feet are placed underneath it that cancel vibrations and also keep Rasta Breeze in position.

Cool your devices


Since we do a lot of testing of HDTV products and set-top-boxes, we wanted to see if Rasta Breeze could be used for cooling of various devices in our living room. One device that is really generating heat during Summer months is our media player, Tvix Slim S1 Duo with installed 1.5 TB hard drive. During a couple of hours of watching Full HD content with 5.1 sound, device’s temperature was easily getting over 45 °C and small fan inside the case was getting really loud. Once we have connected Rasta Breeze to one of the rear USB ports, temperature of the aluminium lid went down by almost 10 °C, bringing much cooler environment for internal components. Also, since temperature was not that high anymore, internal fan with variable RPM was no longer running at max. speed, which significantly reduced noise.

This was just one of many applications where we see Rasta Breeze doing its work during warm days, regardless of the season.



Rasta Breeze is great product for everyone who is looking for a refreshment on their desktop for a reasonable price. There are many different color styles of this product, one more convenient for corporate office, other with more cool design for your home – price for all of them is the same which is a great decision from Arctic. Product is performing great, it is silent, flexible to use and will refresh you the way you want. Overall, we can recommend this product.

Price: 16.99 EURO (incl. 19% VAT) 

Availability in Croatia:


Darko Hlušička

Founder of HD Televizija website. Certified ISF calibrator(Level II). Tech enthusiast since the 90s. Loves movie soundtracks.

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