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HDMI cables and input lag – how they are related?


If you are a gamer and you want to play your favorite games on the big screen, you probably know what input lag is. Time needed for a monitor or TV to show incoming signal is very important for good gaming and I measure it on every TV that I receive.

If you have seen my calibration for gaming videos you know that I always show how to get the smallest input lag and decent picture because – let’s be honest –modern TVs are poorly set for this gaming and PC usage. There are exceptions like with Sony, but for many TVs out there, setting it correctly for gaming means digging deep into the menus, changing HDMI name and on top of it adjusting picture not to be bluish and hard to watch.

Even though I do input lag check with Lagtester device, I’ve never analyised in detail how HDMI cable length affects input lag. I’ve also never checked if input lag on HDMI no. 1 is same, better or worse then on HDMI 2, 3 or 4.

So now the time has come to change this and to do it, I’ve reached out to different cable manufacturers and asked for their support. I wanted different lengths of HDMI cable of the same class, spanning from 1 to 15 meters.

The first company that showed good faith and wanted to help me out was Jenving Technology from Sweden. They produce different type of cables which are known on the market as Supra Cables. Their portfolio includes speaker cables, interconnects, power, HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort cables and other products and accessories.

Did you know that the world’s largest and longest power strip is made by Supra Cables? It is 5 meter long with 94 power outlets, filtered and surge protected in aluminum housing. If only my room was bigger, this would really come in handy during peak of the review season…

World’s longest power strip

Jenving has been producing high quality cables since 1976. Company was named after its founder Tommy Jenving, innovator, inventor, and entrepreneur who is considered to be the “father” of loudspeaker cables. I recommend that you watch Supra Cables the Movie video for more details about the company and its founder.

SUPRA launched its first HDMI cable in 2004. 9 years of continuous product development has resulted in the Supra HD5 HDMI, which according to the company is the best HDMI cable on the market. They guarantee that the cable can handle all HDMI signals up to 32m and since they are not afraid to share information like eye diagram on their website, somehow I trust them more than other cable manufacturers.

I will check performance up to 15 meters because this is the longest cable I’ve received. In the package were also cables of 10, 5 and 1 meter, all of which I will use for my upcoming test.

I hope that this test will shed a little more light on input lag topic on modern digital displays.

I would like to use this opportunity to thank Supra Cables for providing me highly appreciated cables for this purpose.


Darko Hlušička

Founder of HD Televizija website. Certified ISF calibrator(Level II). Tech enthusiast since the 90s. Loves movie soundtracks.

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