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HD Televizija is a website dedicated to everything regarding modern TVs, especially reviews and calibrations (“televizija” is a Croatian word meaning “television”). The website started in December 2007 and during the next years has established itself as a definite go-to address for everything regarding TVs. All content was published in Croatian.

As time went by, more and more users were visiting our website using Google Translate and many have reached out to us asking for content in English as well. It was not until February 2014 that we started HD Televizija in English on the address hdtelevizija.com/en. Despite our original idea to make all reviews available on our English website, we could not keep up with the amount of work, especially since in April 2015 we started YouTube channel TV Calibration with Darko with English-only content. This lead us to publish only a few monitor reviews and tutorials.

In spring 2017 we finally started to publish all new TV reviews on our English website, with the first one being for the Samsung MU6400 TV. We will do our best to keep publishing all TV reviews in English from now on.




Darko Hlušička

Founder and editor of HD Televizija and TV Calibration with Darko. Licensed ISF calibrator (Level II) since February 2015, but tested TVs since 2008. Highly enthusiastic about the new technologies, both computer and A/V, always willing to learn something new.  Big fan of movie soundtracks, healthy living and nature.

You can reach me on my e-mail darko[a]hdtelevizija.com or send me a message on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (TV Calibration with Darko channel) or LinkedIn

Darko Hlušička is an ISF certified calibrator since 2015.


We are working with many companies and their representative offices and PR agencies in the SE Europe region.

For monitor and TV calibrations we use SpectraCal’s CalMAN calibration software:



HD Televizija website is not, in any way, supporting usage of illegal content or services. All content provided are for educational purposes. Published content is not allowed to be copied, both partially or fully, text or images, without prior approval from Darko Hlusicka.

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