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AVForums recenzija: LG 42SL9000

19 sij 2010, 08:03

LG have delivered an LED-based LCD display that features all of their usual trademark strengths and weaknesses. The 42SL9000 features a wealth of image calibration controls which lead to absolutely superb greyscale and colour reproduction, good quality video processing, and an underwhelming black level which can rob some material of depth.

My main issue with the 42SL9000 is simple: I don’t really see the point of it when LG already have the 42SL8000 available for less money. The company promotes this 9000 model as an “LED TV”, whereas the 8000 model is simply an “LCD”, so is this simply a case of LG jumping on the bandwagon and making sure they have some way to profit from the public misinformation about LED backlighting technology? For the readers who aren’t yet in the know: “LED TVs” are not the next-generation devices some manufacturers would lead you to believe, but are simply LCD displays with a different backlighting system to illuminate the picture.

Both the SL8000 and SL9000 TVs feature excellent calibration controls and are superbly thin, but the 8000 model is cheaper and features less input lag for gamers. As a result, although the SL9000 is not a bad display, it’s not really clear where the extra money is going.

* Outstanding Greyscale reproduction (post-calibration)
* Near-perfect Colour reproduction (post-calibration)
* SD video processing is of a high standard
* Gorgeous design

* Adds nothing over the cheaper SL8000 model
* Black level and viewing angle are still lacking
* Input lag of around 50ms may be an issue for hardcore gamers

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