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Philips Brillance 349X7FJEW Ultrawide curved monitor received


We are big fans of Ultrawide monitors, so we accepted without any second thought a chance to review newest Philips monitor  349X7FJEW. It is a 34-inch LED LCD monitor with 3440×1440 resolution, VA panel, AMD Freesync and up to 100 Hz refresh rate.

We have already unboxed the monitor and used it for a couple of days. So far we like picture quality, sharpness and great ergonomics. 100 Hz panel with high contrast and FreeSync guarantees great gaming experience as we have already seen in the racing game GRID.

At first we did not quite like Philips’ decision to go with white plastic bezel, but as days go we like it more and more. It comes down to personal preference, but white bezel does not distract us while we work – it actually gives the impression of brighter screen which is nice.

Unboxing and setup video is below, if you have any wishes regarding the tests, what would you like us to analyze – please write in the comment section below.

Review sample provided by Philips – thank you very much!

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  1. Have you any personal experience or plan to review with big screen 4k monitors, like for example Samsung QM65F or scimilar? There are lot of questions how they compare to TVs, if connected to good source, even for non native resolutions… In marketing papers TVs are perfect compared to most monitors, contrast, colour scale, etc., but to me it looks that in reality the difference is not that much. Your opinion???

    • Hi – I was interested in testing such products in the past, but then I could not get a hold on any samples and now no one seems to be willing to supply one. Perhaps a 40-inch Philips monitor will come along, but cannot guarantee. If any parallels could be drawn from my tests – then monitors have better uniformity than TVs, especially when comparing direct LED IPS screens. TV with such combinations often exhibit strong DSE effect, but on monitors that does not seem to be the case. Other things are pretty much on the spot.

      • Thank you, Darko. So, if i buy Samsung qmf or LG uh5c series, I shall leave it in front of your Office door… Dont worry, in our country is impossible even to view any of this Devices, and blind buying is much worse (and more expensive) than a blind date, so probably I shall stay away :))

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