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Samsung 40MU6400 (MU6400) UHD HDR LED LCD TV – review

  1. Specifications, design, remote and menus
  2. Picture quality – calibration, panel, processor
  3. Gaming and PC connectivity, sound quality and conclusion

 Gaming and PC connectivity


Characteristic  Result
PC preset Available
1:1 pixel mapping Yes
4:4:4 FHD i UHD color resolution Yes, but only in PC mode
Input lag (measured in 1080p60 SDR)
  • Movie – calibrated – 78.7 ms
  • Game: 20.9 ms
  • PC: 18.7 ms

The 40MU6402 continues Samsung’s practice of TVs that have very low input lag but with poorly adjusted Game and PC modes in terms of color accuracy.

In addition, except that Game mode has been moved deeper into the menu structure that users find it harder to find (see video below), there is a permanently active global dimming when a dark image is displayed on the screen. The only solution Samsung offers is in PC mode where global dimming is not active. However, in PC mode you will be limited to the Native color gamut, meaning that TV will oversaturate all colors in case or Rec.709 or sRGB colorspace of the original content. This is a big disadvantage for all who plan to use the TV as a monitor, especially if they deal with sensitive color work. Fortunately, the 40MU6402 can not display a significantly larger color range than the Rec.709 standard, and the colors are not as saturated as, for example, on expensive models from the “QLED” line, but we warmly hope that Samsung will correct this soon.

Playing games was a good experience, with high contrast images and quick response to our controls. The only thing that might bother gamers is low motion resolution, especially in dark scenes.

Sound quality

The sound quality of the new 40MU6402 TV is the same as on the last year’s 6000 series TVs. The midrange is clean, without distortions at normal volume, but the sound lacks the fullness of the low frequencies as well as the details in the high tones.

Energy consumption [W]

Predložak (measured on ANSI pattern – 50% black and 50% white on the screen)
Energy class  energy class a
Standard 67
Natural 55
Movie 62
Standby < 1



An excellent alternative is, if you are looking for a TV with similar contrast and you are not interested in UHD and HDR, the Panasonic TX-40DS630E. From the Samsung range, see the Samsung 40KU6000 or another model of the KU6xxxx series.



Following our quick test of the Samsung Q7 "QLED" TV we performed at the Ronis store in Zagreb, we tested new TV from company's more affordable MU line - the 40-inch MU6400. TV is a direct successor to the KU6400 UHD TV series, featuring the new Tizen OS 3.0 Smart TV platform, with support for HDR-10 and playback of UHD content via HDMI 2.0 ports or streaming applications. We've taken the TV through our test procedure, check our full review below. Specifications Manufacturer Samsung Model UE40MU6402 Display technology LCD TV with VA panel and LED backlight Screen geometry flat&hellip;

Review Overview

Build quality
Menus and user experience
Picture quality - contrast
Picture quality - motion resolution
Picture quality - viewing angles
Picture quality - processing
Picture quality - overall
Sound quality

Silver Class

Summary : The Samsung 40MU6400 UHD TV, with the exception of the new Tizen interface and the refreshed remote, does not offer anything new compared to last year's KU6xxxx series. TV performs the same in terms of picture quality as last year's models which are now available for a lower price.

Retail price:

CROATIA – 5.399,00 kn (Ronis)

EUROPE – 542 GBP (Amazon UK)

Review sample provided by: Ronis



HDMI cables provided by Supra Cables. Samsung UBD-K8500 Ultra HD Blu-ray player suppled by Samsung Croatia. Ultra HD HDR-10 test patterns supplied by R.Masciola. Cambridge Audio TV5 soundbase supplied by AudioCinema Art.

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  1. Specifications, design, remote and menus
  2. Picture quality – calibration, panel, processor
  3. Gaming and PC connectivity, sound quality and conclusion

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  1. Hello,
    I have this TV Samsung 42MU6400 and I like it very much.
    I would like to know if is possible to get the full technical informations as hours used or purchase date of this model? For example, I have a TV Samsung 42F5500 and I can get these full informations pressing “Info -> Menu -> Mute -> Power”, but I don’t know to do same way on new model).

  2. Hello Darco,
    One question regarding UE40MU6402.
    On the bottom edge of this TV do you have any issues regarding light? I mean comb effect light and dark for 2 cm of all bottom edge of the screen. I think there is the LED for light.
    Please see an video for exemple https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VWnqKS0ctU
    Thank you very much.

    • Hello Catalin!

      Saw the video, this is a typical limitation of edge-lit LED LCD TVs. It varies from unit to unit so as long as the anomaly is not so big that is distracting while you watch content, no reason to contact service center.

  3. Hello. Does the 2k Resolution (2560×1440) work on this TV connected to a PC?

  4. Hi Darko,

    Thank you very much for your work!

    I have calibrated the colours according to your video on YouTube and I like the results!

    However, there is one thing I don’t know/don’t understand: If I watch actual 4K movies, should I select bt.2020 or dci-p3 ?

    Thank you.

  5. Sorry, you already replied on YouTube ^_^

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